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Time-Locking: Node Network’s FSN staking service works by time-locking your FSN tokens to our address for a fixed duration of time. Once we receive your FSN tokens, we stake them on your behalf through our staking node where they will earn rewards.  

Staking: We accept any amount of FSN tokens.  Any contributions you make to our FSN ticket pool will increase our pool’s chances of winning the reward. For every winning ticket, the pool earns 2.5 FSN tokens.

Earn Rewards: After your time-lock concludes, we calculate the amount of rewards earned to be paid to you. The amount you earn is based on the percentage of your contribution to the pool less a rate fee for our service.  Please check our home page for the variable rate as it depends on the amount of FSN tokens contributed.  We continue to work on a best efforts basis to maximize returns for all of our members!